More than words. More than pictures. Experience VR Whenever, Wherever.

How to create a VR listing

1. Create Post

Login and create new post. Provide details of the property.

2. Keys

Support will contact to make an appointment. Photographer will visit within 2 days. Please leave keys at juristic.

3. VR Online

VR will be ready and online within next day for view globally 24/7.

Buyers Benefits

Save time and money

No need to make appointment with owners/agents or leave work. Reduce Transportation fee

More Details

Get full detail of room function, view, interior before visit


Reduce frequency in meeting owners/agents, reduce risk of getting covid-19

Owners and Agents Benefits

Save time and money

No need to open room for all uncertain customers. Reduce Transportation fee

Serious Customer

Attract only potential customers

Avoid Damage

Reduce Collateral damage from agents and customers visiting

Preview Oversea 24hr.

Expand reach to customers overseas. Room open for view 24/7